Political Signs

Political Campaign Signs

Because our prices are exceptionally low, we do extensive business in this arena. Make sure you look at our digital printingprices on coroplast Political Campaign signs.

Get Started

If you are a candidate or campaign manager attempting to get your message out, we can help. You may just want to place the candidate's name with the traditional "vote for" information on the Political Campaign sign. We can give you excellent screen printing prices for bulk orders.

Materials Used

Our Political Campaign signs are printed on 4mm coroplast which is light weight and easy to transport and store. Coroplast (also called corrugated plastic) is also durable and can withstand most weather conditions for months at a time even
though it is used for temporary signs.

Printing and Staking Options

We can print on the front and back - double sided. Standard stakes (e.g., H stakes) can be purchased with the Political Campaign signs.

If you would like to customize your Political Campaign signs with photographs, logos or clip art, send us instructions on how you would like to change it. We will design your Political Campaign sign accordingly and print it digitally as long as the images, logo, or photographs are of high enough quality.


Full and single color are the same price.

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